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Top Tips When Looking for the Perfect Dining Chair

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Most dining room tables come with chairs that match the entire set. That’s basically a traditional design and unless you’re conventional yourself, you might want to experiment a bit when looking for a dining chair. It doesn’t matter whether the dining set has been with your family for years or you saw an exquisite dining table at a flea shop. If you want to mix and match your furniture at home, you can always do so as long as it makes you feel good. You’ll always have a lot of options if you just your creativity and imagination. Here are some of the best tips we’ve compiled so far:

Your chairs don’t have to match the table.

If you don’t like the chairs that come with your dining set, you can always opt for something else. Remember that the chairs don’t need to match the table. In fact, each chair could be significantly different and customized, and everything will still look in place. So long as you feel comfortable, it doesn’t matter at all. Of course, when you’re looking for individual chairs for your dining set, make sure that they’re the same heights at least so it would be easy to eat or reach the table. Also, you need to measure your table first before buying the mismatched chairs so that everything fits where it should be.

Know how many chairs you need.

Before you go on a shopping spree, identify how many chairs you need. How many persons will be eating? Will you be expecting guests from time to time? These and other questions need to be answered first. You should also consider if your table extends or not. Basically, most tables that are rectangular-shaped can accommodate six to eight persons, depending on how big it is. If you have few people at home, you can opt for round or square ones that can seat four to six persons at least.

Select a style or design.

Home Decor

Now that you know how many chairs you’ll need to buy, it’s now time to choose a style that will fit your home’s theme or just your personality, to say the least. There are a lot of shops that offer dining room chairs. If you’re not keen on getting into your car and drive around the area, you can start by browsing through several home improvement and home goods site online. From open backs to upholstered chaired and even wooden ones, there is quite a variety to choose from. When deciding on the style and design, check on the theme of your home first. You might also want to consider the suggestions of your children and other family members.

Choose the texture and style wisely.

There are plenty of options for your chairs’ texture, material, and design. Upholstered chairs, for instance, offer several varieties. Leather lasts longer and looks good so long as it is taken care of properly and regularly. Suede and cotton, on the other hand, come in many colors and patterns, and can also be easily cleaned. Consider the ages of your family members when deciding on chair materials. It’s also advisable if you choose chairs that have removable cushions as they are easily replaceable if they get damaged.
Your dining room chair doesn’t have to be boring at all. In fact, you can choose chairs that can accentuate the theme of your dining room. Apart from style and design, you should always keep comfort in mind when you buy dining room chairs as you’ll be spending a lot of time on this furniture when you’re at home.

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